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I'm Trevor Bagels (no, that's not my real last name), a programmer and composer based in Portland, Oregon. I've got several years of experience, both in programming/development, and in composing and producing my own music.



An easier way to search several mongoDB collections that might not have consistent field names and value formats.
It lets you configure each collection through JSON, assigning fields in the database to common search targets like names (first, middle, and last), emails, addresses, phone numbers, and more. Each configuration can apply transformations to the inputted values, such as changing the letter case, the arrangment of an address, etc, in order to fit the query to the database, since not all databases follow the same formatting structure.

python mongodb data WIP

Intruder Data History

Monitors people playing the game Intruder, a multiplayer stealth-focused tactical shooter. It utilizes the game's open API to scrape data from people playing the game, and stores all the information in a MongoDB database.

python data mongodb

Discord Anti-Stalker System

A program to monitor all the discord servers you have joined. It notifies you when a person joins several servers that you occupy, also eliminating false positives, thus aiding in stalker detection.

python data discord

Pulsepoint Scraper

A python program that scrapes PulsePoint, and can be used to monitor areas for emergency events and notify you when a configured location has an emergency near it.

python data web scraping

Cryptic Cyrillic

Uses Cryillic to fingerprint text and hide secret messages in seemingly normal text.

python cryptography


A python library that uses json to configure rules for json files. Makes the lives of developers much easier. Can be installed with pip install JSON4JSON


Image Generation

A large collection of computer generated images. Everything was done using Python, and I programmed every single part of it other than the library to write and save the images.

python creative

Case Manager Discord Bot

A CMS within Discord, ideal for online investigations. The bot handles permissions, cases, divisions, and can even create Google Drive folders automatically and share them with people assigned to a case.

python discord

Smooth PE Jazz

A new and crappy genre of music for this new and crappy (no offense) age of society. All of this was generated by a program I wrote in python. Click here to view all of the music for this.

python music creative

Soviet Chatbot for Discord

A Discord bot that utilizes the Cleverbot API and a werid script that I wrote that changes user input to revolve around communism and the Cold War, thus causing the bot to give soviet themed responses. Click here to invite it to a server.

python discord

Project Epilepsy

Realtime image generation in JS. It's called project epilepsy to warn people of its dangers before seeing the actual epilepsy warning, which I made in highschool, so it's a bit of an excessive warning. I recommend clicking on the first link at the bottom of the page.

creative js

Music Fingerprinting and Recognition

A program that utilizes machine learning to compare a given audio file to a database of songs, eventually returning the most similar song in our database. I developed the frontend and backend integration using NodeJS (and a bit of Python), while the other team members focused on the machine learning side of things using Python.


Welcome, Primitive Lifeform, To Space

A tabletop RPG with an extensive amount of lore, as well as a once-WIP videogame (abandoned), as well as a soundtrack/album with different themes for various space things. I haven't touched this project for a year or so, as I've been busy with a lot of other things.

creative abandoned

Faker Interface Bot

A Discord bot that generates fake information, such as names, addresses, emails, and more.

discord python

View all of my projects here.



Driving Simulator Music Menu music I made for an unreleased driving simulator.
They Call Me Bagel It's true. People call me that.
Orchestral Action Music Action music I made for an indie RPG.
Zombie Shooter Soundtrack The overall soundtrack for a zombie shooter game. It starts out calm, and eventually becomes more tense.
Welcome To Space Some upbeat music for the Welcome, Primitive Lifeform, to Space Soundtrack
The Ordinance The theme for a spaceship capable of mass destruction, from Welcome, Primitive Lifeform, To Space (WPLTS).
ACX-48 The theme for a mining facility, in which players are encouraged to raid, from WPLTS.
Face Making A piece I composed for a character creation menu.
Afraid From my album, "Friend", which I wrote during a not-so-great time in my life. This song in particular is supposed to sound rather unsettling. Enjoy.
Mostly a Day Off A song I wrote on a day that I surprisingly didn't have to do anything.
Bulk Another one of my singles, written during a period of time in which I had a lot going on. I also spent an incredible amount of time fine tuning the details of this song.
Smooth PE Jazz Whistle whistle whistle.
Attack Of The Drill Sargeant Sounds like a boss battle.
Sweat and Fatigue I never did like running.
Slippery Floors and Squeaky Shoes Sometimes you just can't maintain balance, ya know?
My Kneecaps Ran Away Life without these would be hard.
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Portland State University Dropped out - was studying Data Science / Electrical Engineering 2021 - 2022
The Internet Pretty much all of my knowledge comes from this place. 2010 - Present
[redacted] High School High School Diploma 2017 - 2021


Dairy Queen Worked on the chill team, making blizzards and doing physical labor. 06/2021 - 09/2022
  • Coordinated during rushes
  • Maintained and encouraged positive attitudes while under pressure
  • Assisted in training new employees
UPS Hazmat Response / Package Service Center 05/2022 - present
  • Responding to leaking packages and hazmats on a daily basis
  • Adapting to different situations and determining the safest course of action for myself, fellow employees, and customers


Leakscoop A program to search through large amounts of data in multiple mongoDB collections and databases. 05/2021 - present
Pulsepoint Scraper Python program to notify users about specific emergency events. 02/2021 - 04/2021
Cryptic Cyrillic Uses Cryillic to fingerprint text and encrypt secret messages. 04/2021 - 05/2021
JSON4JSON Easier configuration for developers and users. 02/2021 - 02/2021
Case Manager Discord Bot Case Management System, all in Discord. 3/2021 - 4/2021


  • Programming
  • Web development
  • Data scraping
  • Musical composition
  • Discord bot development
  • Game development






  • Source control
    • Git
    • GitHub
    • Bitbucket
    • Unity Collab
  • Editors
    • Visual Studio Code
    • Sublime Text
    • Visual Studio
  • Os
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Debian/Ubuntu
  • Audio
    • Ableton Live
    • FMOD Studio
  • Gamedev
    • Unity




  • Data Analysis
  • Vulnerability research
  • Investigations, open source intelligence
  • Discord bot development
  • Web Development
  • Soundtrack composition/production
  • Game development