Driving Simulator Music


[D] and [F]: Increase/decrease speed
[U] and [I]: Change distortion amount
[M]: Change the mode. (there are like 3 or 4 different modes)

WARNING: The following link may or may not give/cause epilepsy, headaches, eye spasms, minor blindness, diarrehea, heartburn, unwanted pregnancy, projectile vomiting, odd food cravings, excessive nasal mucous, the inability to work, soreness in hair, internal cellular breakdown and bleeding similar to that caused by the Ebola virus, sudden obsession of the much hated instrument: the kazoo, highness, the ability to attain buddhahood while bypassing the steps to Nirvana, mysterious loss of money, and in most cases, death.

Ok, I don't care about my body, take me to P.E.
Take me to another cool place

Take me to P.E 2.0 (work in progress)

Take me to the cool lines place